today’s subject is Ethereum, and how to issue assets and use them in a game.
This is going to be mostly theoretical, but practical discussions are coming

Ethereum? I thought you were all into Bitcoin

I am, but I tried to use bitcoin for this purpose, but this is not what it was made for, apparently

Ok, so why Ethereum?

For the versatility, Ethereums smart contracts are very powerful and allow for a variety of possible uses

Like scams? I heard about so many scams on Ethereum…

Yes, sadly this is true, but the technology is still in its early stages, people are not fully prepared for it, and bad actors take advantage of this, as a wise man once said, from great power, comes great responsibility, Ethereum, and all crypto, are giving an incredible power to the user, the power to control their money and do whatever they want with them, so also stupid things

You are basically saying whoever got scammed is just stupid? I think you are stupid by using Ethereum even after what the creators recently said…

I see your point, and you are not wrong, but stupid is the wrong word, I would use ignorant. Because we are talking about people that once they get scammed, they don’t get scammed again in the same way, most of the times, if you add the fact that the technology is new and a lot of peolpe, myself included, are just testing around things to understand how they work, how to use it and how to enforce the incredible power it gives

Ok, cool story bro, I still don’t really like this Ethereum thing but tell me some more on how to do it

Have you heard about Cryptokitties?
It’s a collectible game with breedable pictures of cats

Yes, go on

It’s based on a specific smart contract, called ERC721, this contract allows the creator to mint and transfer unique tokens, that will represent assets in the game

So the ownership of this specific game assets is stored on the Ethereum blockchain and used in the game to play?

Yes, and all assets can be transferred outside of the game

Give me some details

We’ll get technical once we start talking about creating the token, and interacting with it using nethereum on unity3d, and we’ll also give some nethereum C# examples

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