cloud Functions

Where to start? The first thing you need to do is create a google cloud account, create a project, and activate cloud functions in the gcloud console Next step download the SDK Now what? Now, for now (05/2019) you can choose wheter to work in GOPATH, or use gomodules Here it’ll be explained using gomodules. Gomodules? Gomodules are useful to pack dependencies in a “easy” way Ok i’m ready Great! let’s take a look at the function we’ll implement, this example won’t just be an helloworld, we’ll use dependencies, and communicate with google firestore What is firestore? Firestore is a really cool database available on gcloud, it is not hard to use, but we’ll talk deeper about another time Ok[…]

In Agile, burndown chart visually represent the status of a sprint What is represented in the chart? It depends on what information is important for the team, it can be hour remaining for a story to complete, or the number of stories remaining, or even the number of tasks in the DOING column of the task wall Some examples? ~Representing hours: Hours representation is not very common nowdays, because it doesen’t really represent the stories left, and when there are 1-3 hours left on many stories, it seems like the end is near, but in reality there still is a lot of work to be done ~Representing stories: The representation of stories is preferrend amoung the scrum gurus, It gives[…]

image of a digital fingerprint

ECDSA is a cryptographic alghorithm. What makes it interesting? ECDSA is used to authenticate the origin of a message, like a digital signature How does it work? Well, it uses math, and it does it in a way to make it impossible to know the private key of a signer, but also pretty easy to verify that a signature was generated from a public key What are public and private key? The keys are numbers, very special numbers, the private key must remain secret, so that the public can be shared and signatures can be verified What if someone finds my private key? What if someone finds your email password? he can pretend to be you! In conclusion ECDSA is[…]